Monday, February 28, 2011

Graveyard Train

I’m back in Toronto for an 8 day respite from the Desert. I guess it was wishful thinking, but I was really hoping the weather would be fairly nice here. As I traveled up and across the continent, however, the weather got progressively worse. From some snow and gloom in Kansas City, to a full on snow storm when I arrived in Canada.
It made me want to get back on the plane.

With about a foot of snowfall from the day/night before, I got in the car yesterday with my brother and headed down to the graveyard for my long run of 50 minutes (its all relative). The graveyard always seems to get plowed within hours of the snow, no matter how bad! The 2 ¼ mile loop surrounded by graves and mourners can be a bit wearisome, but I’ll gladly take it in exchange for the secure footing! The burning in my lungs and muscles from the cold was a bit of a shock to the system...I guess I’ve already gone soft after living in Arizona for only 2 months!

Training is progressing well after a couple of solid workouts this week. They included a bit of strength and a bit of speed, I even ran a 28.5 for 200m! I’m also able to go for real runs now without having to take walking breaks in the middle, which is nice...There are times that it feels like I’ve ripped something open inside of me again and a constant general soreness in the area of the surgery/groin. It’s kind of annoying, but something that I’ll just have to deal with for a while. I forget sometimes that it’s still only been 3 months since surgery…

Despite the weather, it will be nice to be home for a while. Out for a run and then headed into the city to the Burger Bar (great spot) for dinner with Tim Konoval and Mike DelMonte tonight…

  - Linc


  1. Just be sure to hit it hard going up AND coming back down the 4 hills.

  2. Probably nothing at all out of the ordinary with the occasional pains, although I immediately flashed back to the Alien "birth" from the original movie, which I saw for $1 at the North Halls sponsored flick at The Forum back in 1978 or so. I think you'll be OK, as I suspect you've spent no time on an Alien space ship!

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