Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Fight On, State

Well, I “graduated” from the women’s group and was thrown to the Wolves this past week for training. Doing the sessions with the guys (Nate Brannen, Andrew Ellerton, Geoff Martinson, Justin Marpole-Bird and Peter Corrigan) was a rude awakening. I mean, I knew I wasn’t in shape, but it got ugly when it came to doing 4x1200 off 2 minutes. It really showed how far I still have left to go…Ah well, the next month is going to be rough!

We had 5x600m yesterday and it went significantly better than the week before. I still died a slow and painful death on the last one, but I thought it would happen earlier, so I was pretty happy with it. There is still some soreness in the surgery area after lifting and doing workouts, but for the most part, its feeling pretty good. Plus, my mileage is slowly climbing back to a place of respectability and I can consistently run 6 days a week now. I’m finally feeling like a real runner again!

Had a nice little trip to the Phoenix Zoo on Monday with Martinson(G-Mart) and Mel. It was a pretty good zoo, but Toronto’s definitely puts it to shame. Even so, we had a good time soaking in the 30/86 degree weather and checking out some monkeys up close and personal!

It’s that time of year where it’s great to be a sports fan; there might not be a better time. March Madness is in full swing. After my Nittany Lions made a strong run in the BigTen tournament, they’ll be making their first appearance at the Big Dance in 10 years! The NHL season is winding down, bringing the Stanley Cup playoffs (maybe the best in all of sport?) even closer. The Boys in Blue are making another late season push, but will probably come up short once again to leave us poor Leaf fans in misery and disbeleaf for yet another summer. MLB spring training is well underway and the Jays have a stockpile of young talent in the system which should make them interesting/exciting to watch for the next few years. With several teams from the Cactus League right in Scottsdale, a trip to the ballpark is in the near future for me.

I was hoping to be in Tucson tomorrow morning to catch PSU in their first round game of the tournament, but we have a workout which I probably need to attend…

   - Linc


  1. Pictures at the zoo are good, however, given the picture of you and Mel, she should start using sunscreen (lol)