Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Spoonful of Sugar

Recovery week is here again; just in time. Training has continued to go really well for me these past couple of weeks, but I got a little sick this week and have been fighting through it. I was still able to do the workouts, but my overall volume suffered a bit as I tried to stay rested to prevent any prolonged illness. A recovery week is just what the doctor ordered.

I took the day off completely today. The one day of rest I get to look forward to every three weeks. I actually got a bit bored though and almost went for a run anyways. Recovery can be just as important as the training itself though and often gets overlooked, so I thought better of it and returned to the couch for some more NHL 12. 

We’ve started getting on the track more recently, so it will be nice to get a better idea of where I’m at with fitness. We had 5 workouts and 4 weight sessions in 11 days leading into the weekend, so I’ll only highlight a couple of them...

Two weekends ago was the first real workout where we got a bit anaerobic. The first set was 600, 500, 400 with 2 min rest. Then we had 300, 500, 200 off of a minute. I expected to really struggle through that second set, but it went surprisingly well. After the first set at under 60 second pace, we dropped it down some more in the next set and I hit 42.0, 69.8 and 27.2; feeling relatively comfortable the whole way. Definitely a good sign.

A few days ago we had 2x (4x500) with 5 minutes between sets. Again, we started out slightly slower and got increasingly faster as the workout progressed. In between hacking up a lung, I managed to run 76, 75, 74, 73 in the second set. I think after the 7th one, GMart turned to me after having run the interval just in front of me and said “Man, are you gonna be okay? Sounds like you’re dying back there”. I was able to get out “I’ll…(inhale)…be…(inhale)...alright” before heading to the line for the last one. It will be nice to be able to breathe again. Not being able to catch your breath the entire way through a workout isn’t pleasant.
Even with the sickness I averaged 82 miles for the last two weeks and in the next day or so I should be back to normal and ready to rock.

In the sports world, things are looking good. The Giants won me some money in Vegas and a Burrito from a teammate. Now, hopefully, Big Bro will bring his talents to South Beach, where he already has a condo, to try and keep pace with Eli in the ring count. (They both have more than LeBron…) Even the Leafs are playing good hockey these days. Hopefully, Toronto fans don’t get to delusional with hopes of grandeur and  being able to trade Komisarek, Kadri and a 2nd round pick for Rick Nash. Seriously? What is wrong with Leaf fans sometimes. Our spare parts will not combine to bring us a superstar; unless we’re trading with Calgary... A simple trip to the playoffs this year will suffice. 

Keep it Classy.

    - Linc


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