Wednesday, April 18, 2012

California Love

Well, I'm heading back to the golden coast tomorrow for a couple of races. I always enjoy being back in California. Why? Well, as a teammate of mine once answered Bob Barker while we were on the Price is Right, "Three reasons, Bob, the weather, the ladies and the beaches." To which Bob replied "But not necessarily in that order."

Unfortunately, another downfall to being injured and out of shape last year means I don't really have any good times to use for entries this year. Since most meets use times from the past year, my PB is a little too ancient at this point. I had already booked my flight when I found out that I wouldn't be in one of the Invitational sections on Friday, so tomorrow will be a busy day. Early shake out run, leaving for the airport at 8:15am, flight at 9:50am and arriving in Los Angeles at 11:15am. Then we have to hop in the car for a (hopefully) less than one hour drive out to Mt. San Antonio College in Walnut, CA for my 3 o'clock race time! Should be interesting... 

I'm also running the 800m on Friday, so I'll be using the races to simulate a trials and finals situation. Running the 1500m tomorrow will be strictly for positioning, more specifically, the W; forget about the time. Then Friday will be more like finals with a hard 800m. 

Most of the races will be live online, although, it doesn't look like mine will be. But you can still tune in to catch some other track action and find my races in the video archives! Here's the link:

I'll have my race recaps up as soon as I can.

    - Linc


  1. Good to see you rounding into shape. Good luck in the 800. (PSU is 800U)

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