Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Breathe In, Breathe Out

It was a fairly uneventful week other than my trip to the East Coast. It was definitely nice to escape the desolate drab of the desert in favor of some green! However, bringing some of the heat with me would have made for a better trip. A couple of the days were okay, but the day I had to workout was 8/46 degrees with 20 mph winds and rain. Awesome. Especially for fast stuff like 600, 300 and 2x400 @ 800 pace.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to do the second set of the workout. I’ve had a small foot issue that got quite a bit worse towards the end of the week. It was too painful to finish the session and after my run the next day, I thought I had broken my foot (specifically, my 5th metatarsal). Grabbing that bone and moving it was excruciating. Not good news; everything had been progressing so well. Monday was my day off though and I had treatment scheduled with Wynn for Tuesday. It was tough to stay upbeat until then… Luckily, it turned out to be nothing more than peroneus brevis tendinitis. The peroneus brevis tendon runs down the lower fibula, behind the ankle, and then attaches on the base of the 5th metatarsal (the boney projection at the outside-middle of your foot). Apparently, it can be very painful. I briefly saw my season flash before me, so the diagnosis was a huge relief and I was able to breathe again… Hopefully some treatment and anti-inflammatory will take care of things! 

Another weekend, another meet. The majority of the group will be racing again at ASU this weekend in something other than their focus event. I’m planning on squaring off with Ellerton, Justin Marpole-Bird and Geoff Harris in the 800m. I can’t remember the last time I actually raced an 800m, so it should be interesting! I don’t really have much in terms of expectations, but it would be nice not to get smoked. Pride is on the line.

Game 4 of the Coyotes vs. Red Wings series is tonight and we have tickets. It’s a White Out in the desert…Probably won’t compare to the White Out at the best College Football stadium in the country,
 But, it will have to do.

   - Linc


  1. It's rare for the peroneus brevis to have "tendinitis" but not impossible. Cuboid subluxation or stress fracture would be more possible...

  2. My initial thought was a stress fracture, but the symptoms don't really match up.
    1. I can hop on one foot with virtually no pain.
    2. There is no aching or throbbing at night.
    3. After 10-15 minutes of running it warms up and the pain subsides.
    4. The pain isn't a pinpoint location, its over a bigger area.
    In my experience, those symptoms aren't at all consistent with a stress fracture.

    We have done some work on my cuboid a couple of times because it was jammed up though.
    Although, from what I've read, peroneus brevis tendinitis doesn't seem very uncommon at all??

  3. It does sound like the peroneus then :) The pain would not subside after 10-15 min of running if it was a stress fracture. That's more a sign of a soft tissue issue. If you've had your cuboid worked on a couple of times, that would have taken care of a subluxation of the cuboid if that was the only area the symptoms were coming from. So it does sound like it's coming from the peroneus and it sounds like you are getting some good advice! Good luck with your running.

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