Monday, April 11, 2011

Eat It

The weather on Saturday wasn’t as bad as predicted; but, there was certainly some rain, wind and cold. By the time the Men’s 1500m rolled around the worst of the weather had passed and the conditions weren’t actually all that bad. I’ve never used our new warm up/dynamic stretching routine in competition before, so it was nice to give it a try without having any real pressure. Even though I was just the pacemaker, I still had some nerves coming up to the line. “Runners, take your mark…Bang” I started my watch and we were off. I had to go pretty hard to get to the front of the pack and when I hit the 100m mark I glanced at my watch and saw 12 point; a little too fast. I settled it down in the next hundred and when I looked at my watch at 200m, I saw 12 point again. Great, broken watch. Who knows what pace this is!? I had run a couple of 14.7’s as strides, so I just trusted that I still had the rhythm down. I checked the clock at the 300 for 43 point and then hit the 400m mark in 57 low. Probably a bit fast, but the field was right on me. I checked the scoreboard at 600m to see 1:27 and then came through 800m in 1:57.0, right on. I took them up the straight away into the wind and then stepped off. I could have made the 1000, but my calves were getting pretty tight, so there was no need to push it.
All things considered, a good debut on the track. It was definitely a nice feeling to be out there in the mix again!

This week is our recovery week. I’ll be doing a workout on Wednesday with the group before heading back to the east coast on Thursday to visit Mel in Philthadelphia. I’ll have one workout there on Saturday before coming back here on Monday. Then on the 23rd I think I’ll be racing an 800m at ASU.

Now the important stuff.
The Masters this weekend was amazing. I’m not always a huge fan of watching golf, but the final round yesterday was about as exciting and entertaining as it gets! The ratings must have been through the roof. I’m sure the PGA is glad Tiger is back.

To get the morning started today, I took a trip up to the Talking Stick Casino with Geoff and Quin for breakfast. After hearing about a $10 buffet, the fat kid in me had to check it out…Wow. It more than exceeded expectations. I’m quite positive that I’ve never put $10 dollars to better use buying food. The selection was outstanding; from Mexican, Asian, American, and Italian to salmon, stir fry, fresh fruit and gelato. The options were limited only to the size of your stomach. Pictured below is my first of 3 plates (all of them this full). The meal included: Thickly sliced cured pepper cracked bacon, salmon, sirloin steak(x3), banana bread, spring roll(x2), egg and prosciutto on baguette, french toast, pork chorizo potatoes, chicken chow mein, beef with broccoli, crab ragoon, fresh fruit with vanilla yogurt and a donut. Then I finished it off with some mango and chocolate peanut butter gelato. In the words of AP, "Culinary Heaven". Yes, this was breakfast, and yes, I’m a fat ass.

Leaving the Casino I put $5 dollars on black and won. It’s going to be a good week.

    - Linc


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