Monday, April 4, 2011

Canned Heat

Scottsdale has been scorching this week. I don’t think a day passed that the high didn’t reach at least 29/84 degrees. We even hit 37/98 on Friday when there were reports of snow back home! Suckers... We’ve been getting our tan on a couple of times per week at the pool here, but with the tough week of training and smoldering heat, we spent most of our time indoors to make sure we were recovering properly between sessions. I think it’s safe to say that I don’t ever want to spend another winter in Canada while I’m still training competitively!

Wynn was also bringing the heat with our workouts this week! It was another intensity week, which meant three sessions on the track. We had two sets of 5x300m on Tuesday, some faster 400’s on Thursday, and then finished off with 200, 600, 4x200m on Saturday. After breaking 60 in the 400m for the first time last Saturday, I was eager/anxious to see how I’d handle things this week; especially the 600. The 300’s on Tuesday were very solid, I averaged 58.2 for the 400’s, and then ran a 1:21.5 for the 600 on Saturday. I was pleasantly surprised. Things are definitely heading in the right direction!

With the weather down here, it feels like we’re already in the middle of summer, but the MLB opening weekend was a stark reminder of just how early it still is! Even the Pirates fans can still have hope right now…I had my fantasy draft over the weekend and made sure I picked up a couple of Jays for bargains in the late rounds. With a lot of young talent on the team and on the farm, the Blue Jays may not make the playoffs this year, but they’ll be exciting to watch and should be perennial contenders within the next couple of years…

With a Beantown collapse in the 3rd period against the Rangers tonight, it pretty much sealed the fate of the Leafs. 44 years and counting. How they prolonged their season this long, I’m not sure. But, I hope they’ve polished their clubs. There are plenty of courses down here in AZ…

     - Linc


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