Friday, April 8, 2011

White Rabbit

The Sun Angel Track Classic is taking place this weekend at ASU and most of our group will be toeing the line to find out where they’re at. It’s probably rained a total of 3 times since I got here in January and, of course, tomorrow there are predictions for scattered thunderstorms. Hopefully it will hold off. It’s not like the weatherman is always the most accurate person…Maybe I should have been a weatherman; what other job can you be wrong all the time and not get fired?

Although I won’t be racing tomorrow, I will be on the start line for the Men’s 1500m. It will be my first time hearing those 2 familiar commands in almost a year. Since I’m not ready to race yet, we figured I could get my feet wet as a rabbit. I’ll be setting the pace of 1:56-7 through 800m (weather permitting). Hopefully, I don’t die!

The workouts the past few days were tough. The last couple weeks of training have caught up to me and I’ve definitely been feeling fatigued. It’s worth suffering a bit now though in order to reap the benefits later this summer; when it really matters…

I’ll be heading to arena tonight with Ellerton and Peter to see if the Coyotes can secure a playoff berth against San Jose. Gotta love heading to NHL games when its 25/78 outside!

Off to do pre-meet…

   - Linc